Never used a worm drive saw myself. Many extra desirable features come with this tool. This MAG77 saw oil/lube will get the job done for any worm drive saw. This is a popular brand that has been selling power tools as well as car accessories for as long as I can remember. I also thought it looked like a bit of a lump so didn't bid on it. Prospect, Ill., January 20, 2014 – The new Bosch CSW41 worm drive saw answers user demands for a lightweight saw without compromising durability and power.Featuring all-magnesium construction, an advanced oil lubrication system and a 15-amp motor, this tool delivers unmatched comfort and control for a wide variety of concrete form building, framing and decking applications. 80111 Skilsaw Worm Drive Saw oil comes in a large 8 oz tube. A Skill worm drive saw, better known as a framing saw does require oil. Show More. Woussko ... Just do a search for ridgid worm drive oil on ebay. Great construction quality, a high torque motor with a 5,000 RPM rating, and hard material quality make it one of the most strong and durable circular worm drive saws you will find anywhere. Both the new Bosch worm drive saw and the Skil MAG77LT saws weigh in at 13lb. Use Current Location. Post Cancel. This Bosch best worm drive saw comes with a very powerful motor with a 5,300 Rotation Per Minute and a lot of cut capacity. Gasoline, etc? Synthetic Oil for Cordless Worm Drive Keep your SKILSAW® Cordless Worm Drive running smoothly. I found one (Skill) at an auction house once that had been converted for UK use with a 110v plug. Specifications. If you're putting something in a worm drive saw gear-box that resembles grease, you're doing it wrong. Professional's choice. What type of oil other than bosch can I use? This item: Skil 80111 Worm Drive Saw Lubricant CDN$26.65 Ships from and sold by Layger. Heck, that's what Bosch calls it in the manual for their worm-drive saw ... "oil". Included: 4 onces Mobil SHC 636 Synthetic (Repackaged from a bulk 5 gallon container) Mobil SHC 636 is a … It’s left side blade sets out unparalleled clarity of the cutting line. And as Bosch was German you should really make one for us. It has a lightweight design to lessen user fatigue, but still retains its durability and stability. Keep the worm drive motor gears cool to extend the life of the saw. This 80111 lubricant is supplied direct from the skilsaw warehouse. that's what’s in that tube Bosch sells. Heavy duty lubricant. A grease is solid, or semi-solid anyway. Coo-STUFF-ooL PRESENTS Worm Drive Saw Lubricant Oil 4 oz Mobil SHC 636 Synthetic for BOSCH Worm Drive Saws This Lubricant (Mobil SHC 636 Synthetic) is a far "Superior Choice" over the Non-Synthetic Lubricants and will assist, along with proper care, in your saw lasting a longer life. You don't oil a skill saw. The first was the Skill MAG77 LT, an upgrade to the popular Skil SHD77M 7-1/4 inch Magnesium worm drive saw. What special maintenance does a worm drive saw require? The blade of this saw is placed on its left side so that right-handed users can have a clear vision while cutting. The CSW41's worm drive system features an enormous gearing ratio in a compact size. So if you want tremendous power in a manageable package, this is the saw you need. Its smart to keep one … Corded Magnesium Worm Drive Circular Saw with Carbide Blade The CSW41 worm drive system features an enormous gearing ratio in a compact size, so if you want tremendous power in a manageable package, this is the saw you need. What can I use to clean (flush) the housing? Bosch has their WD7LUB Worm Drive Lubricant but the Skil 80111 Worm Drive Saw Oil is also recommended and easier to find at Home Depot stores. Actually that is incorrect. Using this tool, you have a guaranteed increase in productivity, but to the contrary, you will have very little or no fatigue. For use on worm drive saws. There are various benifits a worm drive offers, more torque, easy to cut boards without marking and squareing a line and the posibilty to take the blade off and install a chainsaw type blade for cutting beam timbers. The top worm drive saw comes with a lubrication mechanism inbuilt in the saw. Bosch 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41. The new CSW41 Bosch Worm Drive Saw is the second lightweight worm drive saw on the market. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw CDN$249.00 As mentioned above, the worm drive saw requires a frequent oil change to ensure its smooth operation. The Bosch 7¼â€ worm drive circular saw CSW41 features a unique design that offers accuracy and precision. OVERVIEW. Blade rotation at 5300 RPM; ... and tear. And the saw can cut a bevel of roughly 53 degrees for every angle. Keep worm drive motor gears cool to extend the life of the saw. Bosch CSW41 . It provides stability using five ball bearings and worm drive gears. Why is it called a worm drive? After the first 10 hours of breaking in the saw the oil in the gearbox needs to be changed and requires checking regularly and changing if it becomes dirty or thick (like engine oil) . By Patrick McCombe Issue 277 - Aug/Sept 2018 I’ve been using the same worm-drive saw for years, and I’m embarrassed to say that I have never changed the oil. Come on bring one out. The Hitachi C7WDM Worm Drive Circular Saw is by far the highest choice with regard to raw value and quality. This comes with so much power and versatility and as such, all your cutting operations will be made easier. This model features sturdy magnesium housing and a die-cast magnesium footplate for true strength and a lifetime of reliable use. The best worm drive saw is ideal for different types of cutting applications. The Bosch CSW41 7 1/4 Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw has a 15 Amp motor, and it is very lightweight at 13.2 pounds. Bosch CSW41 Worm Drive Saw The CSW41 is another familiar product from Bosch that combines their well-constructed design and high-quality components. A circular saw that uses a worm drive will take some getting used to for some, but there are features that you can look for that should make this power tool your favorite to use. Specifically, is requires a 90wt gear oil. Saw is running like new now. Features : 100% full synthetic oil with viscosity grade ISO VG 680 for use in all worm drive saw brands. Its smart to keep one on hand at all times. The best technologies offer an oil bath that keeps the saw constantly lubricated and cool. One thing I will say is they do look cool. This saw comes with a 7-1/4 inches blade. Here comes the Bosch worm drive circular saw model CSW41. I am currently using a non-synthetic worm drive saw oil (for example, Skil 80111). Convenient storage tube. To ask our experts a question about a part, use the Q&A feature on our product pages. SKIL Worm Drive Saw Lubricant. Worm-drive saws have an oil-bath gearbox; the oil eventually gets contaminated through use. Worm Drive Oil. Make sure to refresh your worm drive gear oil any time you do the brushes, gaskets, or armatures. 1oz. 80111. This MAG77 saw oil/lube will get the job done for any worm drive saw. This worm drive saw’s most notable feature is the dual-field 15-amp motor, which is cooler than usual and can provide more power than your average saw motor. Mt. To replace the current lube inside the saw after the first 100 hours of work on the saw. 80111 Skilsaw Worm Drive Saw Lubricant is for models: SHD77, SHD77M, HD77, HD77M, HD77-02, HD5825, SPT77W, SPT77MW, SPT77MWL, SPT78W, SPT70WM, SPT70WT, MAG77LT, SPT78MMC, SPT77C, SPT79, SPT79A, SPT99, SPT55, SPT88.. 80111 Skilsaw Worm Drive Saw oil comes in a large 8 oz tube. The blade used in the SPT70V-11 is specially made by SKILSAW for this saw, avoiding common problems caused by … Especially, it requires more oil for lubrication, and there needs to be an oil-gear box for cooling as well. 6. Get Pricing and Availability. Product Features. has the best deals and lowest prices on bosch 80111 worm drive saw oil Show All. For use on worm drive saws. Ive been using my Bosch worm drive outdoors in the cold lately (subfloor for my bathroom remodel), and I can tell its a little "stiff" after sitting unused in the cold. Worm Drive Oil. The worm drive saw requires more maintenance than the regular ones. One of the best features of the CSW41 is its lightweight construction, which allows the saw to provide you with hours of service without worrying about fatigue. 2. You should use the Skilsaw 77 oil - affordable and effective. BUY ON AMAZON . So, if you ask for oil going with SKILSAW, then we reveal that the brand provides its own oil. Item #48254 Model #0080111. Keep your SKILSAW ® running smoothly. Much better performance (extended tool life with cooler, safer, and longer operation at much wider temperature range) than non-synthetic Skil 80111 Worm Drive Saw Oil In this article, we will understand more about worm drive saws and also help you to pick the right saw … Comment. Convenient storage tube. Meanwhile, Lube-V Synthetic Worm Drive Saw Oil is specially formulated with advance proprietary additive system to provide anti-scuffing and anti-wear performance under both normal and high loading to protect worm gears and extend service life of worm drive saws. Prices and shopping results for bosch 80111 worm drive saw oil from Discussion for the Bosch 1677M (0601677039) 7-1/4" Worm Drive Saw Discussion is closed. However, if you don’t want to spend extra then we have another great option for you is SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw. Bosch 15 Amp 7-1/4 in. Below is a review of some of the best worm drive saw oil type, together with their extra features and functions. At 13 lbs, that's only 2 lbs heavier than my Makita 7 1/4, which seems reasonable spec-wise - a lot of the other brand worm drives are around 20lbs which is rough using all day (I used a Skil worm drive which ate through 1" plywood like butter, but the weight was prohibitive). Bosch is the type of company you’d go to when you’re looking for control, stability, comfort, and ease of use. The housing This design will weigh more, to begin with, so finding a balance between adequate protection and lighter materials should be considered. The proper lube for your Bosch CSW41 7 1/4 inch worm drive. For more information about Bosch and Skil worm-drive circular saws like the Skil HD77M 7-1/4 circular saw, or for access to the most intense power tools, woodworking and construction equipment, all the replacement parts to keep them kicking, or for more articles like this one, please visit It also features an on-board multi-function wrench to make blade, brush, and oil changes a breeze. Heavy duty lubricant. It is called a worm drive because it has a gear in the form of a screw called a worm. It is a wise thing to order it at the same time you buy the saw. Specifications. The correct lubricant is a heavy gear lube, which is a high viscosity oil. Reviews. Listed below are some worm drive saw oil type for your budget.
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