Widely considered non-addicting and a low risk for abuse and overdose, gabapentin has been touted as an alternative to opioid for the relief of chronic pain. my hydro's have expired. Although I do have uneducated guesses as...", "A few members who may have some thoughts on whether gabapentin can...", "@cwallen9, did you have the skin biopsy for sfn? Let me know when the docs learn how to successfully treat some of these neuropathies. I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuropathy, and prescribed 12 months of gabapentin after one painful attack. Please, make your urgently-needed donation to the Arthritis Foundation now! If you experience joint pain with pregabalin, consider talking to your doctor about gabapentin (Neurontin), an alternative medication that is useful for many of the same conditions as pregabalin and yet does not carry the joint pain side effect. Inflammation can cause pain, stiffness, … Just go to that website as that is what I do. Hi, sometimes this drug can give nasty side effects, they seem to be a lot like fibromyalgia, muscle pains weakness in all areas. I had mild reaction to meds some hip pain back... experiencing joint pain? Rheumy says to triple the gabapentin dose as it won't be this causing it but it didn't start until I started taking it. Pregabalin by comparison, which is also prescribed for neuralgia, has been successful with no such muscular or joint pain, though wasn't without issues getting there I've now reached my optimum dose with the option of increasing it slightly when I think it's needed. I think what I am advocating is to find providers who introduce medications gently, evaluating reactions which just might include symptom relief over a certain time and then adjust, eliminate or increase with attention to side effect management. Make a Donation . Looking at the side effects for gabapanten, joint pain and tendonitis and other musculoskeletal side effects can happen. I do feel that Pharma and the medical community really needs to look at less use of single molecule (man made) internal drug therapy of treating PN, as people are getting tired of treating only symptoms of PN. Researchers noted that 22 percent of the 27 patients in the study discontinued their participation in the trial due to “intolerable side effects.” If you feel it has made you worse let your Dr know that you don't want to increase the dosage. Now, I still get my episodes but they last maybe 10 minutes to 15 minutes max. This condition severely restricts my activities,and there seems to be no answer.I still visit the Gym twice a week to keep stumble.There is nothing left but to keep going with. The pain was really bad that I had to take pain pills on a daily basis. Tips. i am trying to see what can be done for carpal tunnel. Commonly known by its brand name Neurontin – the drug has been used for a number of off-label uses. It's a difficult one because everything is telling you it's making things worse not better but hang in there a little while longer, note each day on 1-10 scores how your (additional) pain & numbness is if they continue so you can show it him rather than trying to recall, works better sometimes I find, it supports your case better. Now with the gabapentin and Dermatran that is a topical cream that I rub into my feet daily or 2-3 times a day. That just sounds insane to tell you to do that. Warnings. Although it is quite frequently prescribed for off-label uses, the benefit/risk ratio is not clear. Not only are we our own advocates, but we also have a responsibility to take notes and then inform our medical team accurately so they can modify dosages and medications based upon how our bodies responded. I have idiopathic peripheral nueropthy. I've been taking the gabapentin for three weeks and the pain has increased not decreased. Lot of that stuff has the same effect on me. The flow and meet each happening as they occur.Fortunately my mind is still clear. It makes me realize that all of us have unique medication challenges and different reactions which must make it difficult for our medical providers to help us choose our treatments and medications wisely. Best of luck, Gabapentin started out as a medicine used to treat seizures in humans, and then found to treat nerve pain. I am now thinking that my providers have gotten it right. While I was sick in bed, I was going at both ends, so I stopped taking Gabapentin completely. Re: Can gabapentin make my pain worse? I swell up like I am going to explode and caused something akin to dementia. Inducing Of A Relaxed Easy State 5. Education on the use of Opiate/opioid drugs is a good very good idea as more information is good, but what are we to do for the severe pain like some of us have. I had been taking 300mg twice a day for about 8 months. the pain is getting worse? Some even thought that a little pain was good for a pet because it kept them from overdoing it during recovery from a surgery. I also have idiopathic small fiber peripheral neuropathy which I've had over 20+ years. which didn't suit me, and the pharmacist said that Dr would agree that one or the other would suit, which proved to be the case. I have a bad headache coming on so I can not speell very well right now. Maybe an increase would help, as for me I would say taking it has not increased my pain, but has been a help in reducing episode length. And so I requested the addition of one more 300 mg of gabapentin at bedtime. Was on Gabapentin for 5 mo's and started to have shoulder, neck and knee join pain. Anyone else had similar experience? Gabapentin is an effective treatment for epilepsy and the excruciating pain that sometimes lingers after an attack of shingles. If you don't mind me asking, what to you take or do for your PN now? Drowsiness 3. Lets see; 6 tablets a day with a even stronger HD 2 opioids and about $600.00 a month for a prescrition pain lotion that works fairly well and a life laying down and a lot of drugged sleep time OR "the Pain Lotion that I use for about $40/month and 4 Tramadahl a day and I can function and have a near normal life at 72. The pain went away and I have only had a couple of attacks in the past several years which I control with hand pressure on my face. Unfortunately, though, like most medications, gabapentin has a number of side effects, some of which are mild but many of which can be serious, even dangerous. Gabapentin used for back pain Gabapentin 300 mg for pain Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor. I take neurontin 600mg 3 times a day and percocet 10/650 every 4-6 hours. I have no problems with the face now, but have no idea why I am getting along well. Hi! I don't like being on it, but my neurologist at the Mayo assures me it is ok. Gabapentin is an anti-seizure (anticonvulsant) medication also used for nerve pain (neuralgia). I had a disc prolapse in jan '12, had a discetomy in May - I started on 900mg gabapentin in feb, increased to 1800mg in march by a doctor (also was on zomorph,120mg, diazepam 12mg and still am trying to come off them). In fact, my pain has gotten steadily worse. I use the Nerufreese lotion any day and I have tried most every combination of stuff and prescritions including Gabs! That may be 2 or 3 weeks. Or at least that has been my experience with everything including my MM program. It sounds as if your EMG was normal for large fiber? i have been taking bc powder, and neurontin (gabapentin). Gabapentin is fairly safe when you use it correctly. Tramadol is an opioid pain reliever (analgesic) used to manage moderate to moderately severe pain. If I even brushed up against something , I would experience excruciating pain in my hands. (A joint is a point at which two or more bones come together, such as the hip or the knee.) Hello, can I ask - 'can gabapentin cause joint pain?'. My numbness never lasts very long, and is mostly at night or early in the morning. 0. It was a misguided approach, and modern veterinary medicine no longer works that way. I did find an interesting article that sheds a little light on the topic of drugs being used for treating conditions that are not related to what they were originally approved for by the FDA. Works well and good! If you feel it has made you worse let your Dr know that you don't want to increase the dosage. This can help you identify whether or not the medication is working. They started me on a tiny dose and it did nothing except give me headaches and neck ache. It took hours to unclench them. Many diabetics suffer from neuropathy. Dr. Jeffrey Wint answered 34 years experience Hand Surgery Become an Arthritis Foundation … I started getting peripheral neuropathy pain about nine months ago in my feet and hands right after I received a cervical steroid injection. I also had problems with Gabapentin. Introduce a medication "gently" as in starting with the minimum dosage.. Give my body time to adjust to the new medication. Good luck to you, I hope you find some answers. In the case of medical marijuana for pain control, I have been my own provider and have had to evaluate, modify, enhance, increase, decrease, as my condition changed and the available products increased amazingly. 17 thanks. The study is created by eHealthMe from 4 Gabapentin users and is updated continuously. Thank you for posting and sharing your experience with gabapentin. You may also need to add Cymbalta or Amitriptyline with the neurontin for a synergistic effect. I can't take any of those mind altering drugs. Midginett 3 years ago They work somewhat on me for pain however I am on a low dose of neurontin due to its sedating effects. Arthritis is inflammation (swelling) in and around the body’s joints. Reply (0) Report. -Laura, Liked by John, Volunteer Mentor, Lisa Lucier, Leonard. The neurologist I saw said to take a wait and see attitude about the future. Everyone have a great or at least a better day! Hi @salsa, welcome to Connect. In this article, Ross Hauser MD explains why chronic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) usage can make pain worse in the long-term and accelerate the need for joint replacement. I've started getting numbness too. The tinnitus did get better, so I stayed off the Cymbalta. -Laura. ... call them up, ask about SI joint dysfunction, sacrospinous or sacrotuberous entrapments of the pudendal nerve & artery compression. Off my soap box, the answer for myself is Gabapentin and Pregablin (Lyrica) simply made things far worse, as it seem to affect the whole CNS and not the PN issue. I finley went to from michaels amazing botanicals website and if I remember her name correctly is Katelan. I was pretty fuzzy. Good luck to you! It maybe that possibly incorporating some of the eastern primary as an more interrogative approach maybe a benefit. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. The effects of gabapentin on an unborn child are unknown. I would never have gotten to this point based on my first experience with gabapentin. continuous, uncontrolled, back-and-forth, or rolling eye movements Hallo. Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse. It might also be the case that a new medication has been introduced which might be more beneficial and so a replacement plan is delineated. Anyway, without that pain lotion I would not like to continue anymore as the pain is so great, I would just have to increase my Tramadhal and oxycodone opioid pain meds a lot. All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. Neuropathy is pain felt along the nerve endings. I got off it and within 3 mo's the pain went away. 1 doctor agrees. Good luck. This DogAppy article gives you details on the side effects of gabapentin in dogs. Gabapentin (generic for Neurontin), is commonly prescribed for neuropathy. Feels like I've gone in the gym and done 100 chin ups and torn my muscles. In fact I'm in more pain now. Uncoordinated If experienced, these tend to have a Less Severe expression 1. If you can bear it, the pain may wear off but I appreciate it is pretty horrific at the moment for you. Dizzy 2. You're kind … What dose are you on? I did take Cymbalta with Neurontin, which may have helped, but I developed a bad case of tinnitus and I wanted to see if the Cymbalta was causing it. Painful , swollen and inflamed joints in hands. Some know this medication by the brand name Neurontin. living alone means I must take care of myself and I can't do that if I am not awake. Sometimes it fully takes away the PN pain in my feet when I use it only 2X per day, however that is not typical. That's it for now. I think they got it wrong first time round). MicTim, version loaded in 0.494 seconds, "I have idiopathic peripheral nueropthy. I have gradually increased my dose from 100 mg a day to 1500 mg. I can see where some people would benefit from Gabapentin or Pregablin (Lyrica types), but it is not for me. Honestly, I don't know if it has made the pain worse, or if it's just gotten worse/evolved on its own over time. 9) Estrogen medication — Premarin I heard that they even make it with THC in an extra streangth version including lidocane and benzocane in the lotion. I still take the gabapentin without any side affects. I did have a skin biopsy that was negative for SFN, but positive for autonomic neuropathy (sweat glands). American Council on Science and Health — Neurontin: Over-Hyped And Underwhelming But I live a fairly productive life style, but I do get a few looks wearing my old Birkenstock sandals. @cwallen9, I take only 600 mg. of neurontin with 50 mg. of elavil and have been asked to increase it but unfortunately I am so sensitive to meds and get very groggy with fuzzy thinking during the day. @cwallen9, did you have the skin biopsy for sfn? I intend to be a tough old lady in the end rather than try to live half awake and unfed, unclean, and on drugs. Obviously every case is different, but in mine I take 2700 mg a day. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects. — https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/12/26/neurontin-over-hyped-and-underwhelming-12242. Everyone reacts so differently to medications and can be trial and error determining what works for you. That just sounds insane to tell you to do that. It sounds like the drug is helping you manage your pain. I now have such severe pain in my elbows and fore arms I can no longer wash myself! 17. Maybe: It's pretty infrequent, but Neurontin (gabapentin) has been known to cause joint pain or swelling, muscle pains and/or leg cramps. People with radiating chronic spine pain may be prescribed gabapentin or pregabalin to treat their nerve-related neck, back and/or leg pain. The only plus if you can call it that is I only have numbness with my PN and no pain. I do have neuropathy in my left foot and take nothing for it nor do I mention it to my primary doctor. I don't know if my brain is literally damaged or something or if the meds make me forget the most basic things, and do the stupidest mistakes. The doctor said I could increase it as long as I was non-symptomatic for side effects. However, studies have shown that the use of gabapentin for chronic pain without neuropathy comes with a high risk of side effects.
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