Lemon balm cream has shown some efficacy in herpes virus lesions in a few small placebo-controlled trials. Lemon Balm Cautions. Heart conditions. If lemon balm tea works for you, then you can still drink it in small amounts, in moderation, as it’s very important to hydrate often in pregnancy. All our content is either written or medically reviewed by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) for accuracy and in keeping with current advice on optimal maternal nutrition. A 2005 study also stated that there was a lack of evidence as to whether lemon balm was safe during pregnancy, but pointed out that the FDA in the US has it listed on their list of “likely safe” herbs when taken in food amounts only (sources: ResearchGate, FDA). Lemon balm can affect proper heart functioning. If you need some other ideas to stay hydrated and are bored with water, I wrote an article covering ten drinks (besides water) that are safe in pregnancy. Lemon balm is known by a variety of names, including bee balm, garden balm, melissengeist, and erva-cidereira. Do not exceed the stated dose, or stick to already-prepared teabags. One small study demonstrated decreased stress and agitation in patients with dementia and Alzheimer disease. In addition to pregnant women, infants and young children, melissa preparations must not be taken in the following cases: People who have a psychiatric problem should not take lemon balm preparations without consulting their doctor first.. People who must perform work requiring much attention should not take lemon balm preparations during the day. Updated: 07.16.20 The leaves have a mild lemon scent similar to mint. Iodine is a trace mineral that doesn’t get much attention during pregnancy, but is vital for the development of thyroid hormones for both you and your baby. The pros, cons as well as tips listed below will guide you to make your right decision. Anecdotal evidence shows that lemon balm could have emmenagogic, antithyrotropic, and antigonadotropic effects . During the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is particularly vulnerable. Stay on the safe side and avoid use. Dried leaves can be steeped in hot water for tea. Otherwise, stick to small, culinary amounts of the herb as a tea in moderation during pregnancy. 5. Pregnant women should stick to commercial blends and culinary amounts of lemon balm tea. The content on this site is not intended to replace professional health services or consultations. As stated above, check the ingredients list of the lemon balm tea you’ve chosen. Is Lemon Balm Tea Safe in Pregnancy? Lemon Balm (Likely Safe) – Has a calming effect and helps relieve irritability, insomnia, and anxiety. Drinks that are safe when pregnant, besides water, Jasmine tea is safe or not, and its caffeine content, yogurt (such as in smoothies) during pregnancy. One of the most polarizing foods, folks either love liver, or love to hate it. Not all these are safe to take during pregnancy. Alternative practitioners believe that lemon balm can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, including insomnia, cold sores, high cholesterol, genital herpes, heartburn, and indigestion. My mission is to help pregnant mothers enjoy food safely during pregnancy by banishing myths and giving clear, real-life examples. You might have a dilemma about deciding whether to use a lemon balm or not in pregnancy. I tried researching : This and was not able to find any reports of deaths related to lemon balm overdose. However, the participants were taking a medical amount of lemon balm (which is not recommended in pregnancy), and the study sample was small (source: Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine). I decided to find out. The little info I could find concluded that lemon balm tea is possibly safe during pregnancy (nothing as said about breastfeeding), if taken in small amounts and sparsely. Pregnancy teas usually include ingredients such as alfalfa, fennel seed, lemongrass leaf, lemon verbena, nettle leaf, red raspberry leaf, rose hips, and strawberry leaf. This can be perceived in … She holds a Certification on Nutrition and Lifestyle during Pregnancy from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and a Diploma in Human Nutrition. Lemon balm is a traditional herb used to support pregnancy. If it doesn’t feel right for you such as disrupting of hormones, just stopped take it at all. But it is not recommended during pregnancy due to lack of sufficient evidence. These plants are sometimes available in plug trays. You might have a dilemma about deciding whether to use a lemon balm or not in pregnancy. Take lemon balm in small culinary amount and not in concentrated doses. There are some who even contend that it can improve cognit… My favorite brand is Traditional Medicinals, available on Amazon and in health stores. For example, nettle leaf (also known as stinging nettle leaf) stimulates the uterus and can cause miscarriage. Lemon balm should only be taken in regular food amounts during pregnancy. Lack of reports associated with adverse outcomes in pregnant women after consuming lemon balm under normal conditions. A more in-depth evidence-based review took place in 2005, and although it was acknowledged that there was anecdotal evidence of lemon balm’s benefits (such as a reduction in anxiety, better sleep, or reducing stress), there was not enough evidence to draw a solid conclusion (source: Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy). It grows to a maximum height of 70–150 cm (28–59 in). For centuries, lemon balm has been widely used to relieve pregnancy discomforts. There is very little data on lemon balm tea during pregnancy. For example, drink lemon balm tea not more than 2-3 cups per day. 24 years experience Psychiatry. A 32-year-old member asked: could you die from lemon balm please answer quick? Privacy Policy | Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of lemon balm during pregnancy and breast-feeding. However, there is a lot of disagreement on whether lemon balm is harmful or safe to consume during pregnancy. It helps relieve anxiety, irritability and insomnia. Since lemon balm can lower blood pressure, people with hypotension should not consume it. Sometimes, lemon balm tea is a combination of lemon balm and peppermint leaves, which is also fine in pregnancy if you drink it in ordinary culinary amounts. The only thing you need to look out for is that you should avoid non-commercial, excessive amounts of the herb – for example, taking an extract or concentrate. Some herbalists against the use of lemon balm even at low doses during pregnancy. Contact Us. If you plant the lemon balms yourself, please ensure the lemon balms are not contaminated. In 2014 a study found that taking lemon balm helped to reduce stress and anxiety, and feel an increased sense of calm. Lemon balm tea is generally accepted as being safe for pregnant women to drink. Complete Guide. Overall, lemon balm tea may have such benefits, but the evidence to support them is still either contradictory or lacking. The American Pregnancy Association list Lemon Balm as “likely safe” for pregnant women when taken in these usual culinary amounts (source: APA). Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), balm, common balm, or balm mint, is a perennial herbaceous plant in the mint family Lamiaceae and native to south-central Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, Iran, and Central Asia, but now naturalized in the Americas and elsewhere.. Lemon Balm may act as a thyroid suppressant, but its exact interaction is still unknown (source: TC Journal). Always discuss the risks and benefits of using lemon balm with your physician during pregnancy. Herbal tea is a go-to option for pregnant women, as many teas don’t contain caffeine and they sometimes have natural health benefits, too. Lemon Balm should not be taken by people on prescription medication for mental health disorders as it can affect the medication. It may cause the negative herbal/ drug interactions. It’s caffeine-free and may have other health benefits. Doctors recommend lemon balm tea during pregnancy, because, unlike other herbs, lemon balm has no contraindications. Many women encounter psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, irritability and insomnia during pregnancy. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Tip: Lemon Balm tea in its purest form should be only made from the leaves of the lemon balm plant (Melissa officinalis), which is a member of the mint family. This is a herb I enjoy and can be added to most teas. Lemon balm often used as an emmenagogue to promote menstruation in women. Lemon balm might lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. This tea is considered possibly safe and commonly used to relieve anxiety, irritability, and insomnia. Lemon Balm Rating Okay Description Lemon balm is an herb used in tea that is most likely safe to consume during pregnancy. Lemon balm, an anti-infective and soothing herb, is a known mood elevator and calming agent, according to the New York University Langone Medical Center. Read on to learn more about this... Is It Safe to Eat Liver During Pregnancy? Lemon Balm Teas. Speak with your doctor before beginning to take lemon balm supplements if you are also taking any medications to regulate your thyroid. lemon balm during pregnancy. I love writing about food and sharing knowledge in the hope it makes every pregnancy a little bit easier. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This means drinking it in moderation as a tea, from a commercially-made, measured out amount of lemon balm leaves. Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) is a plant used as an herbal supplement used as a digestive aid, increased appetite, gas and bloating, genital herpes, insomnia, and anxiety. Lemon balm tea. Side effects, drug interactions, dosage, and pregnancy safety information should … The herb is used for nervous agitation, sleeping problems, functional gastrointestinal complaints, menstrual cramps and urinary spasms. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. I hold a Certification on Nutrition and Lifestyle during Pregnancy from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and a Diploma in Human Nutrition. Due to its anti-thyroid action, Lemon Balm should not be taken by people with thyroid conditions without consulting their healthcare professional. Herbs considered safe in pregnancy The American Pregnancy Association list Lemon Balm as “likely safe” for pregnant women when taken in these usual culinary amounts (source: APA). As pregnancy moves through the trimesters there is a feeling of less space understandably for the mother and baby. Pregnancy Food Checker provides generic information for educational purposes only. Because each pregnancy is different, the best way to use herbs is under the care of a midwife, physician, herbalist, naturopathic or homeopathic doctor. When Is Lemon Balm Tea Unsafe for Pregnant Women? If you have an underactive thyroid, then avoid lemon balm tea. If it’s got other tea leaves blended with it, it may contain caffeine or have other herbs that aren’t safe in pregnancy. This is also because lemon balm appears quite often in foods, as a flavoring. link to Iodine Pregnancy Guide: Food Sources, Deficiency and Safety, link to Is It Safe to Eat Liver During Pregnancy? Disclaimer | Lemon balm is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken appropriately by mouth for about one month. Schedule for 3 weeks on to 1 week off is recommended. Beverage teas that are known to be safe in moderate amounts (e.g., red raspberry, spearmint, chamomile, lemon balm, nettles, rose hips), and ingestion of normal amounts of cooking spices are considered safe in pregnancy. Infants and children . Lemon balm may also interact negatively with some thyroid medications. If you want to use lemon balm as a supplement, extract, oil or tincture, then consult your midwife or doctor beforehand. A cup of lemon balm tea is said to alleviate anxiety, depression, irritability, and insomnia. Is Lemon balm Safe or Harmful to Pregnancy? No data exist on the excretion of any components of lemon balm into breastmilk or on the safety and efficacy of lemon balm in nursing mothers or infants. Unless it’s combined with other teas such as green tea leaves, lemon balm tea in its pure form is naturally caffeine-free. Not to consume lemon balm in continuously basic for prolonged period. If you enjoy drinking tea in pregnancy, you might also be interested in: This article has been reviewed and approved for publication in line with our editorial policy. It is advisable to consult with an experienced doctor, midwife or herbalist on the safe use of herbs in pregnancy. Generally, it will not be harmful if we use in moderation. If the patient does not informs to their doctor on their herbal supplementation. This might poses the potential problem. Until human studies are conducted and the results show no evidence of harm, people with cardiac conditions should avoid lemon balm consumption. ten drinks (besides water) that are safe in pregnancy. Ginger root (Possibly Safe) – Helps relieve nausea and vomiting . Iodine Pregnancy Guide: Food Sources, Deficiency and Safety. Though people with low blood pressure shouldn’t drink too much of this tea. Pregnancy. In pregnancy, it’s best to stick to pure, commercially-made teas that are usually made with the single ingredient listed. Gina is the owner and founder of Pregnancy Food Checker. Stay on the safe side and avoid use. Choose for organic and get it from reliable source. Sometimes, bespoke blends of herbal teas like lemon balm may contain a larger amount of the herb, or be mixed with other ingredients such as extracts (covered later in this article). As mentioned earlier, my recommended brand is here, as it contains only organic lemon balm leaves. Choosing to use herbs during pregnancy is a personal choice, but to ensure the best outcome for you and your baby, you should be well educated on the types of herbs, parts of the herb (root, leaf, etc…) and the way they could be used … Primary interest in lemon balm surrounds its effects on the central nervous system. Lemon Balm Tea is a popular choice in pregnancy as a way to relax and hydrate, but is it safe? Extracts and tinctures are potent, and can contain many times the recommended amounts of lemon balm, and aren’t recommended for pregnant women, as there’s a lack of evidence as to their safety (source: WebMD). The important thing to remember about herbal tea in pregnancy is that it should only be consumed in “culinary amounts”. The safest and most reliable way to do this is to buy quality lemon balm tea bags, as they’re already measured out. For centuries, lemon balm has been widely used to relieve pregnancy discomforts. Copyright © 2020 www.lemonbalm.org Dandelion (Insufficient Reliable Information Available) – Rich in Vitamin A, calcium and iron; dandelion root and leaf can also help relieve mild edema and nourish the liver. Gina Waggott, Medically Reviewed by Janet Gordon RD, MBDA. Diabetes. Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There isn't enough reliable information to know if lemon balm is safe to use when pregnant or breast-feeding. Here is an excellent online link that points out the great contributions Lemon Balm makes to the world. Lemon balm. A: While pregnant and breastfeeding women may be able to drink lemon balm tea in moderation, it’s best to first talk to your doctor about your need for lemon balm … Often said to ease stress and anxiety, lemon balm contains a compound known as rosmarinic acidthat appears to have potent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Lemon Balm supports the nervous system and the digestive system at the same time. Should you have any concerns or questions during pregnancy, you should contact a healthcare professional. Please try to avoid using any herbs. Lemon Balm should not be used during pregnancy or lactation. However, there is a lot of disagreement on whether lemon balm is harmful or safe to consume during pregnancy. Here, I’ll address the potential benefits of lemon balm tea, and take a look at different medical sources as to whether it’s safe or not when you’re pregnant. Is Lemon Balm Tincture (Extract) or Oil Safe in Pregnancy? These trays hold 128 of all the same plant. Consuming Lemon balm for long-term basic in concentrated doses might cause some side effects such as dizziness, vomiting, nausea and etc. To make a delicious lemon balm tea, place one teaspoon of the herb in a cup and add boiling water. We absolutely need to always stay on the safe side. Dr. Heidi Fowler answered. Complete Guide. What Are The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Balm Tea When Pregnant? Crushing the leaves releases lemon oil for topical rubs and inhalation. Please ensure that the lemon balms are not added in with pharmaceutical additives. Hypotension. All Rights Reserved. Lemon balm has the capabilities to promote sleep, to relax the body and to provide a calming effect help to reduce the uncomfortable pregnancy side effects. Always check the ingredients when you’re choosing lemon balm tea to drink in pregnancy. This is what’s known as a ‘medicinal amount’, and should be avoided when pregnant (source: WebMD). I'm Gina, the woman behind Pregnancy Food Checker. It enhances the blood circulation and blood flow to the uterine area to regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. Important Things to Know. For pregnant women, she advises Lemon Balm as a non toxic tea for allergy sufferers. Insufficient scientific data for both non-clinical and clinical to confirm the safety of lemon balm. Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a lemon-scented herb that comes from the same family as mint.The herb is native to Europe, North Africa, and West Asia, but it’s grown around the world. Another small trial supports a potential cholesterol benefit. Buy from companies with good quality control and track records. Articles are medically reviewed by Janet Gordon RD, MBDA, a Registered Dietitian specializing in maternal health, including diabetes and obesity in pregnancy. Infants and children. Lemon Balm and Pregnancy. Possibly because it’s a less known herbal tea, or possibly because there have been insufficient tests run on lemon balm. Every person is different, and your body may react differently to lemon balm. If buying loose leaf tea, check the recommended amount that should be steeped. That just means regular amounts of the herb, usually made commercially in tea bags, or in measured doses of loose leaf tea. Lemon balm is commonly used as a calming effect.
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