CE F-100D/F USAF 510 TFSq, 3 TFWg Bien Hoa 1964 - 69 Tail codes are markings usually on the vertical stabilizer of U.S. military aircraft that help identify the aircraft's unit and/or base assignment. We will do our best to help with this JC EC-130E USAF 7 ACCS, 388 TFW Korat 1971 - 74 USAF Vietnam Aircraft Tail Code; Aviation Search Page; Aviation Cadet Museum; The World's Premier Independent Aviation News Resource; Reliable Military News and Military Information; Assorted Aircraft; World Aircraft; Aircraft of Air America; How Things Work In The Military; back to top . our allies had their own unique style of markings. She now resides at the Museum of Flight in Washington. Therefore Tail codes in bold are the wing assigned codes after April 1972. SC F-4E USAF 336 TFSq, 4 TFWg Ubon TDY from Seymore-Johnson Apr 73 thru Sep 73 UD F-4E USAF 25 TFSq, 432 TRWg Udorn Redesignated from 555 TFSq, Jul 74 ISBN 0-88740-513-4. EO C-47D, U-10B/D USAF 5 SOS, 14 SOWg Nha Trang Psyops JJ F-105D USAF 34 TFSq, 388 TFWg Korat DH C-130E USAF 345 TASq, 314 TAWg CCK 1966 - 71 CG A-37B USAF 90 AS, 3 TFW Bien Hoa. EK A-37B USAF … ISBN 0-7864-0084-6. Schiffer Military Aviation History. 1947. Current and superannuated USAF tail codes indicate the Wing or Group, generally chosen to signify their base, but parts of a Wing discretely based often adopted their own tail codes. By knowing the serial number of the aircraft, you can immediately identify it. HK F-4D USAF 480 TFS, 37 TFW Phu Cat 1969 - 70 EK A-37B USAF 8 SOS, 14 SOW Chu Lai 1968 - 71 With this repainting, the aircraft had the tail code "7L," which was the 1960s-era tail code for Marine Corps Air Reserve and Naval Air Reserve. 1. RE F-105D USAF 44 TFSq, 355 TFWg Takhli Squadron disbanded on August 31, 1971 and essentially became the 39th Tactical Airlift Squadron. So each squadron shared the same tail code when part of the same Wing. We can't grab this great material anymore!!! 72-01397 F-5E c/n R.1017 Northrop w/o 25-06-74 bef del to USAF Northrop 25-06-74 w/o bef del. Welcome to Air War Vietnam's web pages dedicated to listing the aircraft tail codes and tail markings of aircraft involved in the war in Southeast Asia and Vietnam. Tail Code: The Complete History of USAF Tactical Aircraft Tail Code Markings. at 12:09 AM. The squadron received a semi-rebirth as the 777th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron, a provisional unit for deployed C-130s at Joint Base Balad, Iraq under the Air Mobility Command. ISBN 0-88740-513-4. Unless otherwise noted, all text and pictures are OO RF-4C USAF 11 TRSq, 432 TRWg Udorn Deactivated Nov 70 Ravenstein, Charles A. WH C-123B/K USAF 309 ACS, 315 ACWg Tan Son Nhut well the tail codes are for the USAF's and this style was created back during the Vietnam War but had been slightly changed after 1974, during the Vietnam war all the tail codes where for the squadrons flying in the AOR, and after the war TAC decided to use it for base designations, if you look for Nellis AFB you'd think they'd use NA but that was used for the 474TFW and it was stationed at Nellis … The same rule applies for the A-1Es of the 520th FS, but their squadron identifier was V W and the tailcodes would look like V W C . RC EB-66 USAF 41 TEWS, 355 TFWg Takhli 1968 - 69 ZF F-4E USAF 308 TFSq, 31 TFWg Udorn TDY from Holloman Apr thru Oct 72 Also included is the name of the unit to which that code is applied, the aircraft it currently operates, and its parent command. CK A-37A/B USAF 604 SOS, 3 TFW Bien Hoa Combat Dragon. HO F-4D USAF 9 TFSq, 49 TFWg Takhli TDY from Holloman May thru Oct 72 CF A-37B USAF 8 AS, 3 TFW Bien Hoa. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. This decision is based upon the results of an Institute of Medicine (IOM) study on the health effects. LC F-4E USAF 421 TFSq, 366 TFWg Da Nang EC A1-E/G USAF 1 ACS, 14 ACWg Pleiku Hobo CB F-100D/F USAF 90 TFSq, 3 TFWg Bien Hoa 1965 - 69 Bien Hoa Air Base, South Vietnam, Nha Trang Air Base, South Vietnam, Cam Ranh Bay AB, South Vietnam 1969–1972 Assigned to 3rd Tac Fighter Wing (1969–1970); 14th Special Operations Wing (1970–1971); 483d Tactical Airlift Wing (1971–1972); Tail Code: CG Aircraft turned over to VNAF after inactivation The two-letter codes prominently displayed on the tails of U.S. Air Force aircraft today represent the owning wing. Okay, you just got your snapshots back from being developed, and you got this great picture of a USAF fighter. Transferred to USAF under operation RED LEAF. EL AC-47D USAF 3 SOS, 14 SOWg Pleiku Spooky I have some from Lar's book but there were many more in two groups some were HCx for 435TS and others were GZx for 437TS any further info welcome. "TD". This list is as of June 19, 2015. Air Mobility Command planes had no tail codes. His plane is depicted in the cover painting for the book ... CD48189 will be a 1/48 sheet for USAF A-1 Skyraiders in Vietnam : mostly single-seat A-1Js but I may be persuaded to include an A-1E or two that were not covered in CD48046 (which will be reprinted in a few months). Tail Code Aircraft Branch Unit Location Comments. The question is, how were aircraft assigned tail codes in SEA. EA AC-130A USAF 16 SOS, 8 TFW Ubon Spectre Martin, Patrick. Tail Codes - On April 1st 1972 the basic USAF maintanance concept changed from squadron to wing level (AFM66-1). USAF Aircraft Tail Codes. EF AC-119G USAF 17 SOS, 14 SOWg Nha Trang Shadow SA F-4E USAF 334 TFSq, 4 TFWg Ubon TDY from Seymore-Johnson Apr 73 thru Sep 73 XC F-4C USAF 557 TFSq, 12 TFWg Cam Ranh Bay Deactivated March 1968 JH A-7D USAF 3 TFS, 388 TFW Korat 1973 -75 112th Fighter Squadron (3,517 words) case mismatch in snippet view article find links to article 1998. Units assigned to the 35th TFW upon transfer to Phan Rang were: 352d Tactical Fighter Squadron: October 10, 1966 – July 31, 1971 (F-100D/F Tail Code: VM) 2 Squadron of Canberra bombers as at the end of May 1971. EA AC-130A USAF 16 SOS, 14 SOW Nha Trang 1968 rhshanner. units with the same tail code. HO F-4D USAF 7 TFSq, 49 TFWg Takhli TDY from Holloman May thru Oct 72 ISBN 0-7643-0444-5. CF A-37B USAF 8 AS, 3 TFW Bien Hoa This is not the same as the serial number, bureau number, or aircraft registration which provide unique aircraft identification. WP AC-130H USAF 16 SOS, 8 TFWg Ubon 1974 Tail Code: The Complete History of USAF Tactical Aircraft Tail Code Markings. We try our best not to post material that someone FG F-4C/D USAF 433 TFSq, 8 TFWg Ubon Additionally our allies had their own unique style of markings. A-1Es of the 518th FS carried codes like KWA and KWC, with the smaller K and larger W being the squadron identifier and the smaller A and C being the aircraft identifiers. The Vietnam war marked the USAF transition from natural metal-like finishes to the well-known South East Asia (SEA) predominately green, brown and gray camouflage schemes for combat and some combat support aircraft. In June 72, the Air Force issued order AFM66-1 which was intended to bring the tail codes in line with the allocation of aircraft at Wing level. Cybermodeler Online. All rights reserved. HO F-4D USAF 417 TFS, 49 TFW Korat TDY from Holloman '72 HB F-4D USAF 389 TFSq, 12 TFWg Phu Cat 12 TFWg reactivated Phu Cat Mar 70 AL EC-47 USAF 361 TEWSq, 14 SOWg Phu Cat 1966 - 71 AE RF-4C USAF 16 TRSq, 460 TRWg Tan Son Nhut Deactivated Jul 71 CK A-37A/B USAF 604 SOS, 3 TFW Bien Hoa Combat Dragon Celebrating 21 years of hobby news and reviews . Dating back to 1968, the Pacific Air Forces randomly assigned a single letter to each of its 24 wings. JV F-4E USAF 34 TFSq, 388 TFWg Korat 366 TFWg Da Nang Each Squadron a/c had specific letter designator RU F-105D USAF 357 TFSq, 355 TFWg Takhli AH RF-101 USAF 45 TRSq, 460 TRWg Tan Son Nhut 1967 has copied from other sites. There are a total of [ 110 ] Vietnam War Aircraft (1955-1975) entries in the Military Factory. ER C-47, 0-2 USAF 9 SOS, 14 SOWg Nha Trang Psyops Glasser, Jeffrey D. (1998). 281. by Country and by Military branch. What began as a small US military assistance program to South Vietnam, grew into a wider regional conflict. XC F-4C USAF 391 TFSq, 12 TFWg Cam Ranh Bay USAF Use During The Vietnam War During the Vietnam War, Nha Trang was a major American base. ET A-1E/H USAF 6 SOS, 633 SOWg Pleiku Spad From 1968 to 1971 had the tail code 'PB.' While mainly a modeling article, there are a lot of markings and color illustrations. material that you are sending on behalf of other. At the beginning of the war the USAAF was a small service in comparison to the air forces of the combatants fighting since 1939. The USAAF quickly adopted the system used by the Royal Air … 3140        C-130A        56-00532        - Tail code GZN, 437th Transport Squadron, Left behind. ED F-4E USAF 58 TFSq, 33 TFWg Udorn TDY from Elgin Apr thru Oct 72 0516factsfigures.pdf. RM F-105D USAF 354 TFSq, 355 TFWg Takhli From the picture, note that the aircraft's serial number, “AF 88-548” is displayed on the vertical tail. Schiffer Military Aviation History. All United States military aircraft have their serial numbers displayed on the aircraft. WM C-123B/K USAF 310 ACS, 315 ACWg Tan Son Nhut We look forward to you submitting photographs of Code Aircraft Unit Location … F-4 Phantom II Tail Markings An early article by John West and Nick Waters on the tail codes and markings for F-4 aircraft. Com or the original contributor and units that served or supported the Air War in SEA. FA F-4D USAF 25TFSq, 8 TFWg Ubon The DY tail code is Dyess AFB, … DR C-130E USAF 346 TASq, 314 TAWg CCK 1966 - 71 Two CONUS TAC training wings had used this system for a number of years. EH AC-119K USAF 18 SOS, 14 SOWg NKP Stinger Robbins, Christopher (1985) Air America. Used by VPAF as 004. BA - BZ F-4C/D USAF 390 TFSq, 366 TFWg Da Nang System discontinued 1969 USAF aircraft in Vietnam in this period carried two-letter tail codes designating the unit and, in the case of one fighter wing, the individual plane. Douglas F3D Skyknight (4,119 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article time. Looking for information on this and other units that served or supported the Air War in SEA. And with the 366th TFW/389th TFS. Metallic colours, small tail band P: ... 73-00855 F-5E c/n R.1036 ex Vietnam, to US Marines 739855 02-05-75 ex Vietnam, recovered on USS Midway,-10-75 McClellan sto . The APO for Nha Trang was APO San Francisco 96240 14th Air Commando/Special Operations Wing The 14th Air Commando Wing was activated at Nha Trang AB on 8 March 1966.
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