0000001587 00000 n Neiman Marcus has supported local communities since they formed in 1907. GE matches at a 1:1 ratio with a minimum required donation of $25 and a maximum donation of $5,000 per year. HP gives laptops and equipment to schools, sponsors local events, and provides funding for nonprofits and schools in needs. You can get a tax write off for your checkout charity donation in certain instances (i.e. Each nonprofit has to send in a request to their local media and community relations office. Since 1995, they have donated more than $75 million in grants. While retirees aren’t eligible for the program, the minimum amount that is matched is $25 and goes up to $2,500. Volunteer grant programs are also known as “Dollars for Doers” programs, and through these programs, employers offer monetary grants to the organizations that their employees regularly volunteer for. Learn more about Macy’s matching gift program. Check out more information about eBay’s volunteer grant program. 0000003329 00000 n Starbucks employees are eligible for a volunteer grant after volunteering for at least 25 hours with an organization. There is no minimum threshold, but Apple employees should log their volunteer hours and request grants in the company’s online giving portal. Gap employees must register their match requests within 120 days of the donation date. Full- and part-time employees are eligible. Cause-related walk grants: Boeing provides a $100 grant for every fundraising walk, run, or bike event that an employee participates in. Global Donation Management Sign in with your GDMS account. Learn more about The Heart of Neiman Marcus, Check out the ultimate guide to corporate matching gifts, Take a look at the nonprofit’s guide to volunteer grants, Check out our fundraising letter templates for asking for donations, Check out these tips to collect more event donations. The donation tracking tool is a necessary and helpful way for your organization to let the team at Good360 know how pickups are going with your Walmart partners. The advanced tools of the editor will lead you through the editable PDF template. Go to Landing to change the Market Location/Language. Each grant ranges from between $250-$500, plus you get the benefit of a team of Best Buy employees volunteering with your organization. The company provides a 1:1 match on cash donations with ranging from $25 to $1,000 or a 3:1 match on up to $15,000 in HP technology when employees support organizations with product donations. The Walmart Foundation was created to help support the communities Walmart serves. 0000005965 00000 n Gifts are matched from $25 to $10,000, but if an employee volunteers for more than 50 hours in a year with an organization, Pepsi provides a 2:1 matching gift ratio. Learn more about the Google Grants donation request process, Learn more about HP’s matching gift program, Learn more about HP’s volunteer grant program, Learn more about HP’s donation request process, Learn more about Microsoft’s matching gift program. Through HP’s employee volunteer rewards program, HP provides $50 Good Cards to every US employee who volunteers for at least 10 hours per quarter. Google matches donations (up to $6,000) per employee as well as disaster relief/international relief donations for the same amount. Unfortunately, it does not have a nationally active donation request service. Visit Walmart's website to request donations and grants from one of the company’s giving programs. The company invites specific organizations to apply within the targeted initiatives it has developed. Those cards are then sold at face value, with profits going directly to the organization. 0000172046 00000 n The company offers $250 grants to educational institutions (K-12 included) where employees volunteer 15 hours in a calendar year. Learn more about State Farm’s volunteer grant program. Employees (both part and full-time), spouses, and retirees are all eligible for their matching gift program. If a Gap employee is on a nonprofit board, then the nonprofits for which he or she volunteers can receive grants between $1,000 and $10,000. Learn more about Levi Strauss’s volunteer grant program. 0000005511 00000 n Contact Us In addition to each store handling donation requests from the greater community, Best Buy offers a team volunteer grant program. Request more information about the Walmart truckload program. Learn more about General Mills’ matching gift program. For employees who volunteer for 25-49 hours, eBay awards $250 grants. Click this link to download the PDF you'll need to fill out and submit to your local store. State Farm employees and retirees are eligible to request matching gifts, as long as their donations are a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $3,000 per calendar year. SONY focuses its social responsibility efforts on helping local communities, investing in education, supporting the arts, helping underserved youths, and protecting the environment. An individual who receives more than one service should only be counted once for this question. A grant application to the Verizon Foundation should abide by the following guidelines: Cisco’s matching gift program is open to all employees, but retirees are not eligible. Corporate Philanthropy & Grants Management Software | CyberGrants There is no minimum threshold, and employees can request grants for a wide variety of nonprofits. LoS3D2�8X'p�`�`|TQԨ�0qAy��!m��a�e>�}������f� �f�\����*���y����)�D�;���i. trailer Worth up to $1,500. Gifts between $25 and $10,000 will be matched at a 1:1 ratio for full- and part-time employees as well as retirees. Please e-mail your request by using … Also, not all stores take write offs. Donations must be at least $50, and employees can only have $1,000 matched annually. The company supports local nonprofits in the communities where its employees live and work. Together, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation generally provide more than $1 billion in cash and in-kind to support programs that align with our philanthropic priorities. Levi Strauss also offers a volunteer grant program for employees who volunteer on a regular basis. 0000009605 00000 n Most likely, you’ll need to write letters to request corporate donations. 0000010028 00000 n The amounts vary based on the number of hours volunteers, and employees have twelve months after the volunteer dates to submit requests for volunteer grants. startxref Additionally, Disney also offers “VoluntEARS of the Year” grants (usually awarded at $2,500) which recognize exceptional individual volunteers. Darden describes its philanthropic commitment as “People, Planet, and Plate.” They seek to protect the natural environment, give back to communities, and support and develop their employees. Disney allows full-time and part-time employees to double their donations to all kinds of nonprofits with their generous matching gift program. The program is available to full- and part-time employees. We use the information you submit to ensure the program is running smoothly and isolate any potential issues. The minimum donation amount is $25, and Nike matches at a 1:1 ratio to most nonprofits. Walmart Foundation State Giving Application Preview 4 What state is this request for? Visit Walmart's website to request donations and grants from one of the company’s giving programs. Through the company’s matching gift program, donations from employees of between $25 and $15,000 annually will be matched at a 1:1 ratio. Each week donation pickup activity must be recorded utilizing the Good360 Donation Confirmation tool. 170 63 Ticket requests must be received a minimum of 60 days and no more than six months prior to the event date. The Starbucks Foundation is interested in supporting organizations that equip young people ages 15 to 24 years old in the following three areas: If your organization falls into one of the above categories, then make sure you’ve marked November 1st – December 15th down on your calendar, as this is when Starbucks accepts grant requests. 0000263314 00000 n 0000014868 00000 n Check out Disney’s charitable giving guidelines. Johnson & Johnson will match employee donation between $25 and $20,000. Learn more about Gift Cards that Give Back. In 2013, they started targeting their social investments toward education, youth, and the arts. For nonprofits seeking donations from Kohl’s, the primary program is Kohl’s Associates in Action program. Disney will match a minimum of $25 and will double donations all the way up to $15,000. Follow the Support section or get in touch with our Support crew in case you've got any questions. All individuals have to do is shop and Kroger and swipe their Plus Card. Employee gift matching programs are the perfect opportunity for your organization to secure more funding from companies with little additional work. Aug 2, 2013 - You can apply on line for grant money from Walmart's Community Giving program, administered by the Walmart Foundation. 0000004390 00000 n 0000005150 00000 n Volunteer grants combine the power of volunteer with the generosity of companies. Boeing takes care of all administrative costs, so 100% of the given money goes towards strengthening local communities. 0000208969 00000 n Outerwall has a donation program where the company provides vouchers (packages of 25 promo codes) for free Redbox rentals. DONATION POLICY. 0000006812 00000 n The company gave away $1.3 billion in 2013. Enter your official identification and contact details. Learn more about Levi Strauss’s matching gift program. Grant requests must range between $25,000 and $100,000 can can be made solely through the Youth Advisory Board website. Learn more about Best Buy’s donation request process. Employees who donate to a nonprofit organization of their choosing can request that their donation be matched by The Home Depot Foundation. 0000012455 00000 n Donation Tracking. Outerwall grants $150 for every 10 hours volunteered (up to $600 per employee). We encourage funding requests that align with our areas of focus however all proposals that work toward strengthening Canadian communities will be considered. Is your nonprofit interested in receiving Walmart donations on a regular basis? Worth up to $3,000. IBM offers a 1:1 cash match and a 2:1 equipment match for donations made by current employees. organization is requesting Walmart State Giving funds. Learn more about Macy’s volunteer grant program. After an employee volunteers for 50 hours with an organization in one year, Verizon provides a volunteer grant of $750 to that organization. As one of the largest companies in the world, BP’s community grant programs are primarily local initiatives. As part of Coke’s commitment to ensuring that the communities where the company operates are both healthy and sustainable, it’s investment priorities focus on the following global pillars: Coke’s donation requests can be divided into the following three categories: Through the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust, CVS supports nonprofits where employees volunteer by giving two types of grants ranging from $500-$3,000: CVS Caremark offers a number of philanthropic programs. Grants range from $200 to $2,400 depending on the number of hours that were volunteered. Double the Donation helps nonprofits increase revenue by providing technology and resources to take advantage of matching gift programs at companies like Walmart & Sam's Club. 0 Learn more about State Farm’s matching gift program. The Home Depot Foundation will match donations between $25 and $1,000 from each full-time or part-time employee to a U.S. organization or Revenue Canada organization. Kohl’s Cares Fundraising Gift Cards are a fun and easy way for organizations to raise money. Walmart Foundation State Giving Application Preview 4 What state is this request for? Learn more about Outerwall’s donation request process. Macy’s recommends that organizations only request donations if they are within their focus areas: Macy’s District Grants program is designed to support local 501(c)(3) organizations in markets where a Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s operates. Gap also offers grants for single volunteers. Please read the donation policy. Learn more about Disney’s volunteer grant program. Check out Johnson & Johnson’s corporate philanthropy initiatives. Common Questions, Matching Gift Basics 0000011110 00000 n The nonprofits can keep the difference. Last year along, General Mills distributed over $27 million in grants and matching gifts in areas related to: Additionally, General Mills gave nearly $50 million in in kind food donations last year. Additionally, the Darden Foundation regularly awards grants to organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of America. Press Done after you finish the blank. %%EOF 0000011438 00000 n 0000263052 00000 n Be sure to make your request 60 days in advance of your event! Vermontteddybea r. com/pdf/donatio n-request-form. 0000209232 00000 n BP will match gifts between $25 and $5,000 at a 1:1 ratio. Learn more about CVS’s donation request process. Through American Eagle’s “Our Eagles Team of Ten” program the company provides grants to nonprofits where groups of employees volunteer. Educational projects don't fall neatly into any of the corporation's four stated … Publix only matches donations to a public or accredited private school or university. McDonald’s matching gift program allows corporate full-time employees and part-time employees to have their donations matched at a 1:1 ratio. For every hour an Apple employee volunteers with a nonprofit organization, Apple donates $25 to that organization. Cisco specifically supports organizations invested in reducing hunger and increasing access to education and technology.
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