Kelsey Sheron . Click on "Select a School" on the upper left corner of the page. Wellness Wheel. Mental Health Includes our physical, social and psychological sense of well-being. Fill in the ‘wheel’ below to visualize how satisfied and secure you are with each aspect of your well-being right now: ‘WELLNESS WHEEL’ Self-Care Workbook. It is a dynamic, ever-changing wheel. Process: 1) Print off one of the templates on the below page. Wellness Wheel Assessment Review each statement below. My wellness wheel changes each time I do this exercise, depending on what’s going on in my life at that particular time. How to Use The Life Balance Wheel 1. Emotional My score is _____ and this is the reason. WellnessWorkbook! This article discusses each of the 7 dimensions, what they mean, and how to address them in the workplace. It’s a bit more than that, though. There is a direct relationship between my personal values and daily actions. Building Self-esteem A Self-Help Guide Foreword It contains information, ideas, and strategies that people from all over the country have found to be helpful in relieving and preventing troubling feelings and symptoms. Students will also evaluate their well-being with this Wellness Wheel activity. University of Kentucky . Health And Wellness Worksheets Results. Then, total up the number for each of the 4 columns. My Personal Wellness Wheel Completing your wheel -Fill in your wheel based on how satisfied you are with each sphere or category (physical, social, etc) A one being the least satisfied and a ten being the most satisfied. Student will learn about each dimension of wellness and how they are interconnected. Building Self-esteem A Self-Help Guide - Shasta College . The wellness wisdom wheel will help you better understand how the six dimensions work independently and together. Empower students to take control of thei . The Wellness Assessment is a brief survey that examines wellness over the past week. Statements such as “I’ve felt happy” and “I’ve been able to focus” are rated on a 5-point scale. If you succeed, your actions will create something beautiful by the end of the week. Wellness is a lifelong journey. Dedicated to all trauma professionals worldwide. You can also draw your own Life Balance Wheel in your journal or wherever else you like. First and foremost, they powerfully visualize the different domains of self-care.!!!!! Click on Links to Worksheets, etc. In order to obtain a 10, I would have to Emotional health Physical health Intellectual health Spiritual health Social health Occupational health Leisure Physiological health . Step 1: Take Inventory. it’s called The wellness wheel.This exercise has helped me and many of my clients keep the right balance in their lives. Emotional wellness is an important part of overall well-being. NWI Journal. It is an active process of making choices and commitment within the six dimensions of wellness. Wellness isn't just about physical and mental wellbeing. GA Health and Wellness . 2. Subjects: Health, School Counseling, Character Education. 3. The theory is simple; balance the different areas of your life, and you’ll start to find that your life will improve. Secondly, they also show us, at a glance, a more holistic picture of how we are faring in caring for ourselves. The Wellness Assessment was designed to be completed in just a few minutes, making it easy to include as part of a check-in routine. Click on Teacher Web Pages 6. Now that you have looked at the spokes, choose one or two areas where you see an opportunity for growth and change. Join Our Mailing List Email: [email protected] Phone: 715.342.2969 Fax: 715.342.2979. Click on "Chiawana" 5. How does the Wellness Wheel work? NASM CPT, WLS . At the end of the quiz, black markers will be placed in each aspect of wellness connected by black lines. Feeling challenged in even one area of wellness makes it difficult for the wheel to ‘turn smoothly’. Using this Planner First, prioritize your wellness wheel areas. This is an accessible template. That number is your score for that dimension. Wellness Worksheets - Home / SAMHSA-HRSA . It’s a worksheet, essentially, that allows you to score your satisfaction in different areas of your life (you might have seen a version of this concept before called “the wheel of life”). PDF (579.51 KB) Teach students about the dimensions of health with this Wellness Wheel worksheet and activity. Come back to these questions often as the semester goes on to stay on track with your wellness goals. Intellectual Wellness: engaging in creative and mentally-stimulating activities, expanding your knowledge through cultural, artistic, or skill-based learning, and sharing knowledge and skills with others Never Rarely Sometimes Usually 1. Balancing life is hard and sometimes it feels overwhelming to even think about it. STEP 1: AWARENESS Identify the areas of your life that need some TLC STEP 2: FOCUS Choose 1-2 areas to focus on for your Personal Growth Plan (PGP) STEP 3: EVALUATE Evaluate where you’re at right now so you can brainstorm ways to improve STEP 4: BRAINSTORM … If you don't see any interesting for you, use our search form on bottom ↓ . ByTamikoArbuckle! You can either fill the corresponding section in or you can write some reasons for your score in that section – either way works. Journaling your way to a healthier life! Wheel is a circle divided into parts (usually four), which relate with and counterbalance one another to form a whole. CONTACT US. 8. This provides a baseline so you and I can see how chiropractic care improves your overall health and well-being." Begin on the first visit by presenting a copy of the Wellness Wheel for each patient to complete. Pathways to Wellness Personal Wellness Plan 1 Pathways to Wellness Personal Wellness Plan Use this Personal Wellness Plan to create a path to wellness that’s right for you. Take this quiz to learn how well-balanced you are in each of the 7 dimensions of wellness. Then total your points in the space provided. Employees Thrive at the … To make this easy for you I created a Life Balance Wheel worksheet that you can download to get started. Wellness Wheel And How it Works? Wellness Wellness includes having a sense of wellness in all 8 dimensions of wellness, not just merely the absence of stress or disease. Refer to your completed wellness wheel and think about the areas that are most important to you right now. Wellness involves different aspects of health and life circumstances. Our most popular tool (now updated) the wheel of life has been downloaded over 150,000 times! Sep 18, 2016 - Don’t reinvent the wheel – the wheel of life template that is! ˜is Self-Care Wheel was inspired by and adapted from “Self-Care Assessment Worksheet” from Transforming the Pain: A Workbook on Vicarious Traumatization by Saakvitne, Pearlman & Sta˚ of TSI/CAAP (Norton, 1996). How does it work: The next page shows you a “wheel” segmented with ‘spokes’. Write out four meaningful things that you'd like to do daily. each of the sections on this wheel. Log on to your computer. The Wellness Wheel we will look at and share contains 7 dimensions of wellness. Rate your level of satisfaction with each area of your life by coloring in the percent- Click on URL address for wellness wheel 2018 Personal Wellness Assessment with 8 Dimensions of Wellness Circle the number that applies to you for each statement. Join the National Wellness Institute and gain access to valuable webinars, earn Continuing Education Credits, connect with other professionals, stay current with best-practices, and receive access to wellness tools and resources you can use. Wellness wheel Health The Wellness Wheel Worksheet Leisure My score is _____ and this is the reason. This little exercise can help you to identify whether or not you live a balanced life. Instructions: • Now that you’ve learned about the Wheel of Wellness, it’s time to make one of your own. Pass out copies of the “My Wheel of Wellness” coloring sheet and the “Decorate Your Wheel of Wellness” worksheet, one of each per student. Mental Health disorders can be caused by social, biological and/or Today I like to help you achieve balance in your life with this exercise that I learned while becoming a Health and Wellness Coach. Wellness Wheel . The scale is 1-5. Hand out a Well-Being Wheel to each of your participants (see below). Filesize: 2,220 KB; Language: … Created by Olga Phoenix Project: Healing for Social Change (2013). Download Edit in Browser Share. It is called a wheel because it revolves endlessly. I feel comfortable and at ease with my spiritual life. Life Balance Wheel Welcome to the life balance wheel exercise. The Self-Care Assessment Wheel. Set up your wheel. Click on Alisha Miller 7. On this page you can read or download samhsa wellness worksheets in PDF format. Spiritual Wellness 1. WELLNESS WORKSHEET 9 Wellness on the Web. How to read your results. 1 is your lowest level of happiness and 5 is your highest level of happiness. I am curious and interested in the communities, as well as the world, around Self-Care Assessment Wheels are excellent tools for several reasons. The ten sections of the Life Balance Wheel represent important aspects of a balanced life. Go to 3. STEP 3: Well-Being Wheel. Overview Define wellness and the wheel Overview of health spheres Activity and goal setting . Make your presentation shine. Refer to this document every day to record which actions you've taken. Write the sum of all your totals for each column in the light gray box on the right of the chart. Do what feels best for you. Use this worksheet to map out the habits, behavior, attitude, and actions you’d like to make improvements towards. There are 7 dimensions of wellness, which should all be addressed in the workplace. Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness, . When going through it you should take ‘quality time’ and not try to rush through it under time pressure. It’s an updated iteration that is more relevant to our current period. Afterwards, you can work with us at Health and Counselling Services to support yourself in each dimension. WELLNESS WHEEL WORKSHEET DIRECTIONS 1. Wellness Wheel . "We use the Wellness Wheel to measure your overall health in seven different areas--each affecting the other. Students will need scissors, glue sticks or tape, and colored pencils or markers as well. Each spoke is headlined with a aspect of life. Then you can draw lines connecting each section like the example provided by the dotted lines. By understanding this, this will help you in determining what you truly want to do with your life and ultimately, be your guide for experiencing ongoing happiness. !!! 4. Wheel of Life at this point in time as it will indicate to you where you are spending most of your time and what it is that is making you truly happy. Mark a dot in the circle. 2. What is a wellness wheel anyway? For the ones you agree with (most of the time), give yourself ½ a point. Use the goal planner worksheet on the last page to plan your next steps towards wellness with the DBSA Wellness Wheel. There are eight spokes comprised of numbers 1-10 … Join Today! PowerPoint.
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