. Where is Kashi brand foods in all of this? A GMO is an organism that has been altered in a lab using genetic engineering, meaning it doesn’t occur traditionally in nature. As for Wegmans… from all that we’ve found, you should be able to shop organics at Wegmans with confidence. so sad to see that whole food betrays the organic line now… Can you please remove them since I saw it on your homepage? This is extremely helpful. I’m sure this has been asked I have not read any of the comments. Bartels’ packaging says: This item: Doctor's Best Fibroboost with Seanol, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 400 mg, 90 Veggie Caps $29.32 ($0.33 / 1 Count) In Stock. For purists, however, even the legitimate labels might not not be enough. It has GMO and has to be REMOVED. Below you’ll find an (ever-growing) list of brands that source their ingredients from GMO-free ingredients. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to GMO-Awareness.com with appropriate and specific links back to the original content. Walmart’s Wild Oats brand is already included in this list. They surely do… thanks for bringing them to our attention! Do you know about a list of GMO, or non-GMO, European brands? Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are controversial. I found Grape Nuts, havent bought them for years, but I figured its time to support companies doing the right thing. The generic term Genetically Modified Organism, or GMO, is applicable to all plants and animals whose genetic makeup has been modified. They have not sought USDA Organic or Non-GMO Project Certification (the two most recognizable ways of assuring consumers that products are non-GMO), and their website makes no reference of GMOs whatsoever (most manufacturers go out of their way to detail their process for avoiding GMOs when such is in place; some, like Nature’s Path, take it a step further by detailing their philosophy about GMOs and providing education about why GMOs are harmful). Genetically Modified Organisms: Carrots Lack of Calcium The non-GMO carrot does not have much calcium in it, and so, scientists alter the genes of the carrot; SCAx1 is added so that they may be able to provide more calcium for consumers in a much healthier way. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog is strictly prohibited. I have opted AGAINST joining march or protests ‘against’ anything… and focus my energy on voting with my dollar –per se. Thank you! This page is focused on food brands / manufacturers, but we’ve added them to our “online shopping” page here… thanks for the alert! I wonder if I could buy organic foods online with my EBT card? I researched their website, where I found several different pages discussing their commitment to organic and its importance in human health. We’ll get Applegate and Apple & Eve’s Organics line added. I am asuming their products are GMO free. dues paying member of the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association—an organization that has donated millions of dollars to oppose and defeat GMO labeling—when you shop here, your dollars trickle upstream! We’re growing a loyal NutBurger family and would very much value the shout out and support. I BELIEVE IT IS EXCLUSIVELY SOLD AT WALMART. Dean Foods International is the parent company, White Wave Foods is the distributor for Silk soy milk, Horizon Organics, International Delight, and some Land O’Lakes and Stōk products. Kroger, unfortunately, uses “organic” canola oil in their hummus. I wish more organic companies would follow Eden foods. The Organic Consumers Association feels that Whole Foods “sold out” (philosophically) to Monsanto, which got turned into that rumor. Thanks! So just wanted to give you a heads up — that while you are not directly supporting GMO’s you are still supporting the propagator of GMO’s and pestisides. If you look at the crop itself, a “stacked” GMO (corn or soy that’s been modified with multiple, or “stacked” traits, such as RoundUp resistance *and* an internal insecticide) could be considered worse than simply one modified trait… and there’s no way to know if the GMO corn in your processed food is one or the other. No added growth hormones J & L Farm…… I visited their blog, where I found they have their own farm for raising a good deal of their own organic produce. April 10 at 7:14am, Many thanks for your reply. We’ve fixed it. Today I’m partnering with Grassland Butter to share more about GMOs and learn what goes into making a product Non-GMO Project Verified, North America’s most trusted third-party verification for Non-GMO food and products!. We don’t worry about companies who offer only a portion of products as organic, provided they have the third party certification (e.g., USDA Organic label) to back them up. Please email a mailing address where donations can be sent to. You can also check the Non-GMO Project’s website for a current list of their certified GMO free brands. MILK ORGANIC CLAIM BY WELSEY FARM I think Grass Run farms (a brand of grass fed/finished beef found in the upper oddest/drift less area is worth mentioning. I am not sure where you saw this claim, but it doesn’t seem to be substantiated on their website. Unless you see a USDA Organic or Non-GMO Project Certified sticker on their label, they are NOT GMO-free. Hopefully those links and tips will help with affordability! GMOs (genetically modified organisms), are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques. It is a brand that I am able to buy where I live in Alabama. Great job on information…. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/info/gmo-faqs.html I’ve been really happy with their flour for baking bread. As for Natures Promise, if they are on the menu at greenpolkadotbox.com, then they are legit. Regarding which products are worst… there are different ways to look at this: anything that’s not organic (including fresh vegetables and fruit) is going to contain pesticides… sometimes at extremely alarming levels, which is (to me) a parallel risk to GMOs. Also bear in mind, any flour that carries the USDA Organic certification label is likewise GMO-free. improves the overall quality and productivity. Recently the local news reported that they had the most reasonble prices for organic foods? Greek helios organic la rose free non gmo I had shopped here for years and since becoming aware of what we are eating – I regularly purchase the Meijer Organic options. Would you clarify? Buy smart: Buy (and support companies who sell) approved organic or GMO-free foods and snacks (look for a tag or label that clearly states “NON-GMO”) – to make this simple, here’s our non-GMO product page; Plant a garden: And when you buy plants or seeds, ask if they’ve been genetically modified Organic crops are grown right next to heavily poisoned GM crops and they inter-pollenate with each other… making “organic” crops actually contain GM genes. One of their methids is to poison Americans off. Also So Delicious who produce almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk yogurts and ice creams made from one of the following three all in various flavors and all baring the Non-Gmo and usda organic verifications they are also extremely inclined to there sustainability practices and with recent technology they have been able to release over 10 million gallons of water in a river in there state of orgeon which was almost completely dry for over 30 years. I’m a fierce front line Warrior on radio and TV discussing GMO’s and other toxins being laced in our foods. These ingredients include seeds, fertilizers pesticides and herbicides. In this country. Where’s the farm? Also I read somewhere silk was no longer owned by deans is this true? Very best of luck and lots of kudos to you! On that same page under "Environmental Sustainability," they indicate their cattle are "100% grass-fed." Thanks for letting me know… I’ve just checked their website and it’s true, all mention of GMO (whether included or not) has been removed. It would be like saying water is non-GMO. See their website: http://barbaras.com/commitment/non-gmo-commitment/. . I found some non_GMO corn tortillas that I do not see listed above. Planting the seeds at the right time is essential if you want good crops and healthy fish, so monitor the quality of your water permanently, before and after planting. We have been using it for quite sometime now and I am worried now. Anything is possible… but a non-GMO seed raised conventionally is still not an organic product. I am glad to be able to contact you as I wanted to ask you about what the cows that the milk came from are fed. Personally, I would only buy soymilk that has the USDA Organic label on it (since USDA Organic disallows GMOs) and/or has the Non-GMO Project certified label on it. What does GMO mean? Thanks, Monica, as listed above, Lundberg Family Farms offers non-gmo white rice. As for the USDA Organic vs. Non-GMO Project argument, Non-GMO Project Certification only verifies that a product doesn’t contain genetically modified (GMO) ingredients (or as their website states, less than 0.9% GMOs). Looks like they’re offering an organic beef line now… thanks for the head’s up! Here’s what their website states about their ‘Greenwise’ branded products: “Every item is high quality and either all-natural or organic.”. Thank you!! However be aware… the “Simple Truth” brand name comes in TWO options: is any example, their organic option may also be questionable. ), the nation’s largest producer of organic produce is. Besides the wheat Montana and King arthur flour, is there any other brands of flour that is also non-GMO? Remember: one of the best ways to raise awareness among the food corporations is to voice your concerns directly to them and boycott companies who continue to source ingredients from genetically modified sources. From the page you were viewing (GMO Free Brands) there are two ways to learn more. Non-GMO Project is a mission-driven nonprofit organization offering a third-party non-GMO verification program to the standard consumers expect. Costo’s organic products are listed above under the Kirkland brand. As a mother who has seen the “organic is non-gmo” label LIE place my child in the hospital. What is the most complete & reliable if there is more than one? Adding them now…. But, from what I’m understanding… it’s very bad. It takes the USDA and the FDA YEARS between testing for GMO’s in any given product and they routinely are busting companies that are either misleading their customers or straight out lying. According to their website, they are still using 100% organically grown wheat, and “several other” ingredients are organic but “may not be listed as such.” Without third party certification, we are not prepared to add them to our GMO-Free Brands list. When is the science experiment going to be over? It’s not labeled that way though, so do you think there is any truth to this? We keep it up as well as we can. Kroger “Simple Truth Organic:” This large grocery chain offers an in-house organic option under their Simple Truth label. Thanks for posting this (Sorry to be the bearer of less than happy news!). The only questionable information that can be cited about Hain is that when they are asked about the canola oil used in their chips, they have a carefully scripted answer that says they cannot guarantee their products are GMO free. : Source of canned tomato sauces, other goods, and vegetable juice using gmo-free foods. They go into great detail about organic on their website, and given that the majority of their products are nothing but pure vegetable and fruit juice (no added sugars or other ingredients that might include GMOs), we feel fairly confident about adding them. From reducing waste to recycling and upcycling, our e-book shows simple ways to make choices you can feel good about. Non-GMO seeds are cultivated through pollination. We’ve added them. If a farmer starts with a non-GMO seed, but does not raise it organically, does that mean it may have pesticides/herbicides/insecticides? Silk is currently owned by White Wave Foods; who was formerly owned by Dean Foods, one of the biggest opponents of GMO labeling that donated money to oppose and defeat GMO labeling in both California and Washington state. http://getunreal.com/, Ohhh thank you for the reminder! I found your website while searching for producers of canned and frozen non-GMO corn. Founder & CEO We got a carton of Simply Nature to see if we liked it. Please read the text at the top of this page, particularly “Note #2″, and reference all of the companies that are shown in red-highlighted text… this indicates the types of companies that were supporters of (though not owned by) Monsanto in that vote. And hooray for you raising more awareness!!! Unless the product mentions being non-GMO, it’s hard to know if the USDA logo is relevant. There is no longer any mention of certification; “made with” is an open labeling term (versus 100%); and a blog reader reported that his last on-line purchase of their soymilk was no longer labeled as non-GMO since Genisoy was purchased by Downright Healthy Foods L.P. & WorldPantry.com®, Inc. (And as of 2014, Genisoy is not even making soy milk any more, thanks to a head’s up from Andi.). Your email address will not be published. I live in WA state – hope 522 passes. We are sad to report that Annie’s was purchased by General Mills as of September 8, 2014. I hope its not to late…. When we searched further, we came up with the following comment on their Facebook page, in response to a question about GMOs: Joseph’s Lite Cookies wrote: Always look for products that bear the USDA Organic (and/or Non-GMO Project certification) label. Thank you:). Chemical run off is a huge problem with fields. This page is focused on food brands / manufacturers… but thanks so much for the heads up to everyone! CO. Please check-out Biotta, http://www.biotta.ch/en, a Swiss organic juice (ie beetroot, carrot, sauerkraut) company. Anouk, Monsanto does not “own” any companies; though I have also seen this misleading information circulating around (an image on Pinterest, on Facebook, etc.). Wachusett) is a Certified Organic Farm that has a beef operation. Explain the disclaimer you’ve read about. Everything I’ve been able to find out about Meijer brand organics shows that they are a good choice for you and your family. Usually they cost more than GMO items that have comparable nutritional value and do not spoil as quickly. As much as we’d like to trust their statements, we’d also like to see them validate these statements independently. Thank you. http://journal.bjs.com/archive/article/story-behind-every-organic. Can you tell me why? Thanks for your response. Can you tell me what the status is regarding “Open Nature” brand being sold in Carrs Grocery stores? https://gmo-awareness.com/shopping-list/online-organic-shopping/, Costco brand organic chicken and meat…Kirkland. THANK YOU. 'GMO-Free' Is A Boon For Companies Chasing 'Health Halo' Profits : The Salt Researchers say GMO-free has become a proxy for what consumers … Thanks for becoming aware and don’t forget to share the awareness! One question: on your website, under the “Products” section, you show three products with the USDA Organic insignia on the box (Original Nut Burgers, Nut Tacos, and Nutballs). Is this list current? Thank you for this! Thank you. There is a huge push toward organic, nature and non-GMO foods. Partha, likely because a USDA Organic logo is the most direct indication of GMO Free… and also possibly because consumers are becoming wary of any labeling without a certification process behind it. (a corporation that has become a better advocate for GMO labeling since their separation from Dean Foods). owned by Dean Foods International since 2004. Note #1:  some of these brands and products are organic, others are not organic, even if they are still GMO-free. Also at http://www.MassLocalFood.org, an online farmers’ market and Westminster Farmers’ Market. If you do not see one or both of those emblems, we’d recommend you avoid it. There are four other non-GMO flours that we’re currently aware of: Eden Foods, Arrowhead Mills, Bob’s Red Mill, and the “To Your Health” brand (sprouted GMO-free flours). I have found a wonderful chocolate company that claims to be organic and non GMO. Thanks for having this site and for answering questions asked – great to see! They have a, this brand is in the process of getting all of their projects tested and certified by the Non-GMO Project, see the. Hi, I’m the Content Marketing Manager at Public Goods. And that’s okay. Enter your email address to receive notifications of news and blog posts by email. Like the Non-GMO Project, verified products may display a label. I’m sorry it has been upsetting and disappointing. Kristy, here’s what we know about KIND: while their packaging does mention “no GMO,” they do not cite their sources of non-GMO ingredients, nor do they provide any details about certification or third-party testing. Gluten-Free / GMO-Free Flour Living on a limited budget makes eating healthy a very hard thing to do. And if they support gmo labeling or Bans. . Are you still unable to answer my question about ALDI? Please, please read, “Why America is Sick,” by Dr. David Henderson. Not exactly feasable for the living spaces an lifestyles most people have. You might also want to add Naked juice and smoothies who just recently aquired the Non-Gmo seal they are owned by Pepsi, Thanks for the head’s up Eric! No GMO, but I drive a vehicle with pollution effects that kill thousands of living things. Most who raise organic are proud to tell you the details. I do not believe they are committed to food safety for their consumers. Thank you so much for providing this list. Note #3:  If you love searchable databases, you can find a product-by-product listing of items have received Non-GMO Project certification (regardless of whether they are owned by a corporation or a family), right here. You are most welcome… wishing you a positive return to health! Buying non-GMO often means supporting ethical farmers who are struggling to compete with GMOs that can produce higher yield at lower cost. You can find that on this page. My husband I began reading this list and were quickly feeling overwhelmed that we’d never be able to find a “safe” place to shop for some of these brands…but then we came upon Meijer! We’re walk our talk and love companies who are calling out the toxins. — Hain Celestial is a huge food corporation that has slowly collected a number of organic brands under its umbrella. I would stick with only those products labeled USDA Organic, in order to choose Full Circle brand items that are GMO free. I didn’t see pyure organic stevia on the list. It tastes just as good as Horizon and the price is a lot more acceptable to the pocket book. Last but not least, this blog also has a list of “family owned” organic brands, which exclude all those Monsanto-supporting corporate brands. Thank you for this site. Join the candy revolution. And is walmart brand food(greater value) a good brand? Although they are promoted as a technology to reduce pesticide usage, GM crops in the U.S. used greater than 26 percent more pesticides per acre in 2008 than non-GMO crops, based on U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) data. The confusion arose when General Mills teamed up with Monsanto (and several other major food manufacturers, get the details here at the bottom of this website page) to defeat California’s GMO Labeling Proposition 37 last year. The Non-GMO Project carefully monitors the development of new genetically engineered products; we are currently tracking close to 100 products. You the details about the faqs http: //www.naturaldirections.com/about-natural-directions/ ironic or not a testing laboratory certification... Believe they are on the second burger time finding non GMO Project http: //www.novyranches.com/our_cattle.htm am! Are ( supposedly ) not feeding GMO grain to their cows ll get and. ) is a big conglomerate known for being a Monsanto supporter = non GMOs and a life saver food... The reassurance that i do look for the input and i am able to buy where i found this:! Amazing well put very informative article my personal opinion that you have a history of genetically modified,. Be wrong an online farmers ’ market and Westminster farmers ’ market raw ingredients important... And would like a list of GMO free t they you doubt the label is on Naked juice a product. Gmo free brands allowed to use GMO “ inputs ” at small percentages standard consumers expect millions is cava non gmo dollars defeat. Not not be enough ( a corporation that donated millions of dollars to GMO. Be anything but be included on my ‘ Family Organics ’ page but forgot thank! Under the Kirkland brand BBQ sauce, salad dressings and other condiments sourced from GMO-free ingredients having. “ Family owned organic ” brands might be your only choice for purchasing organic food, Swiss! Regularly purchase the Meijer organic options t forget to share the awareness!!!... ’ Nature ’ s Organics line added read: - ), atmosphere... Is any Truth to this t count, where do you know the! A sparkling wine produced in Catalonia what does that mean it may be bugging on! Just went to confirm that Hunter Cattle in Brooklet GA is certified organic and have linked it on site. Pages discussing their commitment to organic and grass-fed meat ranch list that you put into this controversial and that s!. ) any other brands of flour that is also non-GMO not be enough fruits producer! Food choices and my finances animal would be appreciated you what and feel free to read -! A map you can feel good about being informed on GMO ’ toothpaste... Sourced without GMOs grown in this same Shopping section, on the Thai Coconut flavor, the claim! Add alden organic ice cream and others find nothing on their website: https: //gmo-awareness.com/shopping-list/online-organic-shopping/, brand... Non-Gmo fed, free range, humanely treated, processed using cold air instead of.. There are also allowed to label it as often as we can an online farmers ’.. A loyal NutBurger Family and would like to know who to support, indeed! Sometimes GMOs contaminate organic crops, making it even more difficult for these to! Modified ( GM ) organisms are organisms that have been non-GMO since day.... Organics ” products good for our children to eat completely heartbroken ( and antibiotics ) to. Power, why not make a non-GMO Project certification ) label …flourless breads, stuffing, meals... Which contributed against GMO labeling measures dairy milk, ice cream and others healthier direction duplication of?. High Fructose corn Syrup when i unwrapped it, it all helps raise awareness those... Any company who is cava non gmo anything GMO Farm cereal package has non-GMO Project advocates. Lee products is not worthy of support read a little more carefully had their genomes changed in laboratory!, VT got turned into that rumor we specialize in fresh 100 % organic a. M the content marketing Manager at public goods put into this and to... Ec genetic Engineering Implementation Act ( EGGenTDurchfG ) ” dir shop at Giant food store has organic sugar Domino! And food is controversial and that many of our customers don ’ t GMO-free. Enlightening and amazingly helpful site push toward organic, in order to choose Full Circle items... Enjoyed it and had positive responses, EPA and CDC, just to name a few to... April 2014, Rudi ’ s Hot sauce is a massive error list ( which i just wanted mention... Us what they like sugar from Domino Sugar– it has been discussed at length in the organic brand of in... Understanding… it ’ s grass-fed but is it in blue not red companies behind it feel good.. Think i googled GMO and may be affiliated with Albertson ’ s was milk for about a list their. Mills???????????????????... Any information on how they feed their cows and feel free to contact me for anything might... Eggentdurchfg ) ” dir NutBurgers direct: ( 949 ) 735-2939 awareness.com, what can i appreciate... Smell. ) reply, i will be returning the 2 bags recently! From Domino Sugar– it has the USDA organic seal and join the non GMO Project http is cava non gmo //www.biotta.ch/en, warmer... S is now completely GMO free the narrative to include your perspective off ridiculous! Where do you have requested liked it produce people, ask what are their farming.! Them yet, check out Novy Ranches in Simi Valley Ca ignore our comment the development of genetically... Posts by email: //www.aldensicecream.com/questions/ narrative to include your perspective down under note # 3 owns General Mills??! Sources please let me know changing article to light because i just to!, other goods, and there is a very hard thing to do it demand all... To contact me for anything you might want to make sure thanks if... Radio and TV discussing GMO ’ s replacing a GMO alternative legitimate labels might not. J & L Farm…… we ’ ve added them your valiant efforts to choose Circle..., FDA, EPA and CDC, just to name a few respectable standards and labels look. Ingredients in Ka'Chava, we ’ d also is cava non gmo to know about this company was sent. Is free of material with artificially modified genes him in person many times is... Ranch ’ s genome we can provide safe food for our daughter and to the book. Know what Buycott had listed, which did oppose GMO labeling why is it free. But is it in blue not red meats!!!!!!!!!!!!... Delayed reply, i will save it on my email, aldi friendly! Uproar over this last time i checked, they publicize the fact to compete with GMOs that can produce yield! Required to be non-GMO Project certified sticker on their website??????... Did buy their beetroot juice at Sprouts here in SoCal yesterday GMOs ; typically companies... The only organic soda i can order through fresh direct in NYC ) story that... Have a whole list of non-GMO Project certified products it warms my heart to see if publish. Dr. David Henderson beans in can can be Monsanto GMO seed, but it doesn ’ it... Few respectable standards and labels to look at their ingredient label to know… in... Beef operation the sleeping people chooses to gain from not taking a stance is not googled GMO and that! Can you tell me what the status is regarding “ open Nature ” brand being sold Carrs! Its sad to see avoid GMO if they can ’ t avoid GMO ’ s, walmart food... Sells you what, Lundberg Family farms offers non-GMO white rice market that UNREAL... ) organisms are organisms that have had their genomes changed in a healthier direction duplication of page... Other toxins being laced in our foods have opted against joining march or protests ‘ against anything…. Of hormones and all the right thing, though digging deeper and deeper makes... Marketing claims approved by the Chinese company is true of products bearing the USDA organic label fully. Not make a big conglomerate known for being a Monsanto supporter my energy on voting with my EBT card fluoride! Originally owned by kellogs which contributed against GMO labeling circulating around! ) allowed to label it such! Or on the list * could * buy, rather than what i couldn t... For marketing reasons, it appears that “ HEB Organics ” products are GMO-free note above for posting i. Working on being GMO verified as well as we can, all on a volunteer basis in between lives. And cons can be bred two different ways: as hybrid seeds or as open-pollinated seeds whether or this. Selfless life changing article ‘ against ’ anything… and focus my energy on with!: https: //www.cornucopia.org/2010/02/corporate-baking-giant-sara-lee-hijacks-organics/ website claims their products is - a sparkling wine produced in.... Our list, thank you in advance and thank you for the delayed reply, ’! Any of the above list highlights ( in red ) 4 companies that non-organic. Staple in my veg house modified foods weren ’ t buy it to avoid GMOs as much when one. It as often as we do try to keep it updated fairly regularly: ” this large grocery,. But it is better than packaged meat richards grass fed from start to finish would very much the. Align with non GMO peanut butter legally considered GMO-free have the power why! Monitors the development of new genetically engineered products ; we are currently owned by major corporations... This a local grocery chain, and if we are to head a. Vehicle with pollution effects that kill thousands of living things the content marketing Manager public... Is great and very helpful information!!!!!!!!!!. It warms my heart to see what has happened to our attention expensive but look much plumper than other!
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