If the life line is short and shallow, it may signify that other people can easily influence or control you. It is also known as palmistry, hand analysis or chirology. Absent line ? Copyright © 2011 - 2019 Psychic Library, LLC. Your basic physical vitality and life energy are reflected in this line and area of the hand. google_ad_slot = "8445430894"; The art of studying and knowing the course of a person’s life, with the help of the palm lines is called palmistry. The life line palm reading considers interruption in one or several spots, this means that a person’s outlook on life, worldview, attitude towards himself or others have radically changed. Get to know yourself better by letting a professional Palmistry Analyst look into your future by reading the lines of your hands. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9936297068607346"; In a way, it does. Find your life line, which is the large line running through the middle of your palm. The length of the Life Line does not necessary represent longevity, it represents the strength of life both physically and mentally. Positively, having a large thumb and a clear, deep head line balances out a lack of Life line. In Palm reading, the length of Life Line may indicate the span of your existence. Some people also take the spirals of the fingers into consideration. What does Health Line mean if seen on your hand? Forked line ? So when there is a broken life line, it might seem more concerning because it doesn’t appear in the normal form. The line should, ideally, be long, deeply etched and unmarked. The life line plays a major role in Palm Reading! In palmistry or palm reading, love line analysis is especially one of the topics, which arouses maximum interest in people. The life line is perhaps the most controversial line on the hand. It dates way back to ancient times, and its origins are in ancient India and China. Your Life Line is an important palm reading mark associated with how well you bounce back after life's hardships. It is quite true. The lines on the palm are used to determine the future or personality traits of an individual. 5555 Hamner Ave, Norco CA 92860. Known as the line of mercury. However, it is wrong to stereotype these lines, because they vary from person to person. The practice is found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. The line on the palm that people are most curious about is the life line. What Does your Life Line Palm Reading Tell Us? Those who practice chiromancy are generally called palmists, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists.. However, in reading the lines, particularly the life line, it is an important part of interpreting the markings.. Knowing whether an event has passed or is yet to come can prevent much unnecessary worry. For a description of other important markings on the palm, click on the picture below. It starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends to the base of the thumb. It starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends to the base of the thumb. Death Prediction In Palmistry, You call it morbid fascination, but people do look for it: About their death. Since ancient times there was a belief that our palms can help us predict the future. Located not far from Disneyland, Marie is one of the most trusted and loved psychics … Palm reading, also known as palmistry, involves looking at the shapes of your hands and the lines on them to possibly tell you about your life and personality. the life line has been expected to perform a gratefully than it was able to do, and received the blame for ill-success that belong to the practitioner alone. In palmistry, the lines on the palm have a significance in that they can reveal your experiences in life. You can find its exact location from the right picture. Health problems: - You need to take care of your health in late 40s". ... My wife discovered Lawrence and after reading his impressive profile and level of experience in the art of Chirology palm/hand reading, we decided to arrange for all our family (8 in total) to have their hands read by him. Explore the major principle in Palm Reading & Palmistry! The life line palm provides a wealth of information, and a skilled reader will be able to pull even more information from this element of palmistry. Lines extending below the life line signify habitually wasting energy. Indicates struggles, losses, unexpected change or interruption in your way of living, an accident or an illness. Lines extending up and above the life line show an ability to recover from situations. The practice is found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. The life line begins somewhere between your thumb and index finger and runs down toward the wrist. Generally speaking, the palm reading love line will provide a glimpse on your love life as well as emotional status. It also shows vitality, energy and how well the body is functioning (with things like digestion and sleep patterns). The Life Line starts from the top of the palm, between the thumb and the index finger, and goes toward the bottom edge of the palm. Palmistry Life Line - Know what your Life Line says about you. Palm Reading Life Line Meaning By Shashank May 16, 2020 10 Mins Read. Palmistry lines underlie palmistry, considering the length, depth and some other features. Discover Palm Reading & Palmistry! The Life Line is found on the palm and curves around the thumb; look at your right hand and you will see that beneath your Index finger there are two lines that run to the edge of your palm. In palmistry, there are mainly three major lines to read: Life Line, Head Line (also Wisdom Line) and Heart Line (also Love Line). However, it may also mean that you are living a double life. But let's talk about it a little bit later. We, either way, don’t know what happens after death. Indicates a person with low energy and having a less adventurous life. Palmistry Life Line - Know what your Life Line says about you. People like to think that the line refers to ones’ actual life. Wisdom line: Also called the "human line", it stretches from the middle of the thumb and index finger to the palm's other side.It usually looks like it's dividing the palm and reflects a person's mentality and personality. Palmistry, also known as palm reading, chiromancy, or chirology, is the practice of fortune-telling through the pseudoscience study of the palm. The Double Life Line. For even more hints, see this guide to finger reading. Unlock the meaning of palmistry. Upward branches indicate achievement and success and downward branches indicate poor physical and emotional health, money problems, feelings of sadness and loss. According to ancient palm reading scripts, people without a Life line find it difficult to live life to the full. Branched line ? It is a line which in palmistry is the most interesting one on the palm. Death Prediction In Palmistry. Life line timeline for measuring events through palmistry are not exactly easy to do. The life line is perhaps the most controversial line on the hand. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BASICS OF PALMISTRY, VISIT THE PALMISTRY ROOM. You may also experience a life path that takes you in many directions. However, in the scientific perspective only the first four are recognized to represent 'primary creases' because of their embryonic nature + their pre-ordained shape and position. It is the line which most accurately portrays your center most existence, and is the one most people are interested in because it portrays the events that happen in your life! If it is in a thick and firm form then it signifies good sexual life and has many kids. MORE HAND READING: It is different for different people. • Palm Reading Lines,